C.O.Sense was established in 2004 by its co-founders Dan Chamizer and Yariv Gershony.

C.O.Sense's core product is called JIMALAYA(tm) (www.jimalaya.co.il/jj). It is an innovative approach to the quiz and trivia market which, for the first time, uses bare facts as a commodity. JIMALAYA(tm) is "packaged" in three primary formats and is adaptable for distribution on all media platforms.

C.O.Sense comprises a team of experts dedicated to creating and servicing innovative skill based games, quizzes and and concepts.

The management team at C.O.Sense have over 25 years of accumulated experience producing pioneering games and applications in the following
* Multimedia skill based games, quizzes and formats.
* Large scale physical treasure hunts.
* Educational TV series and school competitions that run for
extended periods.
* Creation and support of national radio and telephone riddle
competitions with prizes.
* Bespoke puzzle and competition creation.
* Multimedia software design and entertainment systems
Designed by Bee-Creations
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